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Art auction "KABINET" June 23. A brief summary
ARTinvestment.RU   28 июня 2018

Total revenue reached 3.3 million. — 427% of the total estimate

four times the excess of the total evaluation is a logical explanation. Nominally starts greater part of the lots (105 of 166) was only 3 rubles, but in fact, these things left in the range from several thousand to several tens of thousands of rubles. Hence the 400-odd percent on the money. The percentage of sales on lots not less impressive: has sold 157 of the 166 lots — almost 95%.

this is not to say that things went quite for a pittance. Popular among collectors, the authors even in "trehobemnyh starts" is still sold at average market prices. A vivid example — several graphic works by Anatoly slepysheva. The start was minimal, but the demand determined the prices of these figures in the range of 24 to 30 thousand rubles.

on the other hand, a nice work of little-known authors were sold in a price range to 10 thousand RUB Their purchasers can only congratulate — symbolic price, and the thing will be good. Again, great idea for a gift. We in AI are conditionally defined by the upper limit such purchases of art "for the soul" of 30 thousand rubles. So, bidders June 23 conditionally saved three times, once managed to fit in 10 thousand RUB Total all 105 works from the start from 3 rubles brought a little more than 500 thousand rubles, and that means that in fact lots "3 rubles" on average was sold for about 5 thousand rubles Agree, not bad.

is mainly bought over the Internet: more than 90% of the lots went to online-участникам, of which there were about 25 – 27. But a few key purchases (including top-лотов) were committed by participants in the room and clients on the phone.

Home selling and the only lot who turned the price level of 1 million. — "Portrait of Valentina Danilova" brush Pyotr Petrovich Konchalovsky. The model of this portrait, written by Konchalovsky in 1937, she was an artist: Valentina Danilova (1906 @- 1998) was a member of the artists Union of the USSR, and in the late 1930-х worked as head of the art Department of the Museum. At the auction the picture came from the collection of successors of V. Danilova. Traded for it full-time, online and phone players. The starting estimate was 200 thousand rubles., but the bargaining began with the online-ставки from 400 thousand RUB. However, when the price of the lot exceeded 800 thousand rubles., the applicant on the Internet have withdrawn, and no further struggle was between a player in the hall and telephone the buyer. Summary of — 1.1 million RUB Won the hall.

several other lots caused no less lively auction fight. For example, traded for two works — portrait and landscape — brush who passed away in 2017 Ilya Glazunov. In "Landscape with Church" 1967 (cardboard, see T.), a gym and the phone was arguing with 70 to 150 thousand rubles (won head-to-head). And Female portrait (charcoal on paper, whitewash) 1978 got a phone player for 100 thousand rubles. in the evaluation of 50 thousand rubles.

Exceeded its estimate three times two drawings of Nude models and a model of the work of the famous theater artist, teacher Deineka, Ignatius Nivinsky (1881 – 1933). Work, dated 1913 and 1914, in the fight hall with the Internet has risen from 30 to 90 and 95 thousand rubles. respectively. Both lots got more persistent audience. But the picturesque landscape of Venice painted the same Nivinsky was originally estimated at 240 thousand rubles. — as a result, for these 240 thousand RUB lot and was purchased only online-претендентом.

it is also possible to Allocate the successful sale of works by Konstantin Batynkov at prices ranging from 7 to 24 thousand rubles., pastel, "Portrait of M. Aseeva" A. T. Zverev over 75 thousand. and limited edition works by Marc Chagall "Couple with bouquet" for 70 thousand.

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