Выдача займов под залог картин и скульптур XIX-XXI веков

Первый профессиональный сервис по выдаче займов под залог произведений искусства

Orders, medals and signs "the Office" on June 16. A brief summary
ARTinvestment.RU   20 июня 2018

Found new owners for over 33 % of the lots. Revenue of almost 2.7 million rubles

on Saturday, June 16, at the auction house "KABINET" auction "Orders, medals, insignia of the Russian Empire, objects, stories, rare historic photographs". 296 of the lots found new owners 99. Total revenues amounted to 2.68 million rubles, or 22 % of the mean estimate of the directory. But in the recent bidding that didn't matter — more importantly lots for the most part bought was a dozen real collectors in the hall (in the hall took 30 of 99 lots), and approximately the same amount online-игроков (36 out of 99 lots sold via the Internet). In addition, telephone and absentee rates were sold another 10 and 23 lots respectively. And all this in conditions which took place around the same time of world Cup match-2018 Argentina — Iceland, the ongoing economic crisis and just a fine day when one's name is sea, and the other — cottages. But collectors-фалеристы his active participation in the auction proved a favorite hobby and chat with like-minded people is more important than other things. Good working result of the auction gives us hope that henceforth it will continue in the segment of phaleristics.

Among the lots sold, most were bought at the start or with a slight traded in one-два step. The most expensive was lot 228 tiny badge 11-го Finnish infantry regiment, made private master in Saint-Петербурге in 1911. Traded for him two participants in the room. With 100 thousand rubles up to 150 thousand rubles. And the player who made the final bid, joined in the fight even without Begovoy card — so powerful was the passion and desire to acquire this rare sign.

Except for the sign of the Finland regiment, three lot floristicheskie collection has crossed the price level of 100 thousand RUB It in-первых, the badge of the order of St. George 4-й degree, made in St. Petersburg firm "Edward" in 1916-1917 (bought for 140 thousand rubles.). In-вторых, the Star of the order of St. Stanislaus 1-2-й degree online-игроки argued from 80 to 130 thousand rubles. per-третьих, start for 100 thousand rubles. party the Internet has been bought by the badge of the order of St. Vladimir 3-й degree, with swords and original ribbon.

In a fairly large section of photos of top-лотом was the photograph of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich Romanov autograph, framed in the original frame of mahogany. The photo was purchased internal participant at a start of 120 thousand rubles. In General of more than a hundred photographs sold was 36.

the Next auction in the auction house "Cabinet", devoted to Russian art of the XIX — beginning of the XX century, will be in about a week @28 mdasJun. Follow the news.

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