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Book auction house Egorov 21 Feb. A brief summary
ARTinvestment.RU   02 марта 2018

Sold 32 % of the lots. Over fifty people participated in the auction: the majority of — by correspondence, by telephone and via the Internet

the Moscow cold didn't stop dozens of brave souls to visit the cozy hall of the auction house Egorov Wednesday, February 21, where tasty snacks and jokes booksellers in the chamber atmosphere were trading "Books and printed rarities". The day before, February 20, when the full house in the house Egorov held an auction of paintings and drawings. To bibliophilic of the auction participants has reached three times less, however, from 25 to 32 online-игроков several telephone and absentee bids are fully compensated for the low buying activity in the hall.

total lots sold 108 of 333 (32.4 %) with 2.28 million rubles. taking into account the result of the auction of fine art during the two days of sales house Egorov helped more than 7 million rubles are Actively on rare book auction showed online-покупатели — they got about half of the lots. This is followed by telephone and absentee buyers, whose forces were about equal. Quite a bit lots went on this time, full-time players. But watch out for the auction was no less interesting — several exciting and even fun auction disputes broke out between the telephone and online-покупателями.

the three most expensive lots of the auction included an autograph of D. I. Mendeleev in his edition of 1897 "Fundamentals factory-заводской industry" (lot 29; assessment of 160-180 thousand руб.; the price of 220 thousand rbl.); the Paris edition of 1885 the works of Prince Grigory Gagarin "Stories from the Holy Gospels in free imitation of the biblical sources" (lot 37; rating 96-100 thousand руб.; the price of 105 thousand rubles).; album of 37 lithographs Alexei Martynov "Ancient monuments of Moscow and its environs", depicting many of the now lost buildings of the capital (lot 124; assessment of 150-160 thousand руб.; the price is 150 thousand rubles.).

the auction catalog February 21, was full of periodicals and photographs on the history of Moscow, and connoisseurs of Moscow most of them with pleasure (and then traded) bought. Over 22 thousand RUB online-игроку got a set of 10 collotypes with views of the Kremlin from the scaffolding of the monument to Alexander II (estimated 15-18 thousand rubles). Over 11 thousand rubles bought a collection of collotypes "views of Moscow, the Moscow Imperial University it of surgery" (M., 1897). 60 thousand. went correspondence buyer book "a Monument to Emperor Alexander II in the Moscow Kremlin" autographed N. Sultanov — author not only this book, but the monument to the Tsar-освободителю, alas, not extant. Over 42 thousand rubles. was sold "Commemorative book of the Moscow province for 1914," published in the Moscow Provincial press in the last prewar year 1913.

Interesting rare book rarity got at the auction February 21 — address and reference book "All Moscow" for the year 1930, in which the addresses and telephone numbers of Muscovites legendary A. White, M. A. Bulgakov, A. V. Lentulov, El Lissitzky, Meyerhold, Konstantin Melnikov. the Reference for the start of the 72 thousand rubles was bought by absentee buyer.

Another thematic string, which enjoyed success with customers, has been devoted to horses. Bargained participants for two books about horses S. P. Urusova — "Types of horses" and "Atlas collapsible models of the horse": the lot went to a new owner for 55 thousand rubles. at the start from 36 thousand rubles. In the same collection were sold for a starting price of publication "Horse race, horse, trotting, harness and draft horses," S. K., Ilovaisky (price of 11 thousand rubles.), "History of cavalry" George. Denison (the price of 60 thousand rubles) and the two volumes of S. P. Urusov "Book about horses" (price 45 thousand.).

But the most topical theme, have excited all bidders, was not so old Moscow. And not even the horses. The actual Thong was a collection of small pamphlets from the series "the Sexual question" ("on the eve of 23 February or March 8", — noticed pranksters in the audience). For every pamphlet from strength to 32 pages (all — Moscow publishing house Svetoch and 1927) telephone buyer who traded with competitors on the Internet. But, alas, each time losing in this fight. Online-участникам 5 times more expensive start got the brochure entitled "Sexual crimes" (start 3.8 thousand rubles, the result of 20 thousand rubles.). Again 5 times more expensive start they had to pay for the brochure "prostitution and the new life" (start 3.8 thousand rubles, the result of 20 thousand rubles.). A compilation of the four books of the series "the Sexual question", which included publications about some sexually transmitted diseases online-игрокам managed to bargain on the phone for 20 thousand roubles at the start with 8 thousand. Finally, for 32 thousand rbl. has left a selection of brochures on women's health (rating of 8-10 thousand rubles). And again in the fight with the Internet for public essays on "the Sexual question" the phone with no luck.

the prose of life was soon diluted note lyrics. Two collections of poems of Osip Mandelstam — the first book of poems, "Stone" and "the Second book" — was sold for 30 and 26 thousand rubles. respectively. Gone and collections of poet-футуриста P. V. Neznamov "Five centuries" and A. Savitsky's "Poems" (Constantinople, 1923). And edition 11-й from the series "Unpublished Khlebnikov. Diary Khlebnikov" edited by A. Kruchenykh went online-покупателю onstart over 43 thousand RUB Literary theme was continued by the edition of the works of F. Dostoevsky's "a Nasty story" translated by A. Remizov and J. Susville in French: lot purchased 48 thousand rubles at the start. Interest was shown to the book of 1930 "On rails" Kiev publishing house "Culture" with illustrations of Boris Ivanovich Kryukov: a book series of folk tales, sayings, riddles arguing from 6 to 38 thousand.

our review of the antiquarian book auction in the "Auction house Egorov" 21 Feb, I would like to complete, and the organizers wish to continue to please lovers of antique books equally interesting collections. By the way, the nearest auction house Egorov will be held online on March 5 and will be entirely dedicated to jewelry, which is very important in connection with the upcoming March 8.

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