Soviet unofficial art in "Auction No. 1" on November 18. A brief summary
ARTinvestment.RU   21 ноября 2017

The auction catalog of 142-х lots were sold almost 40% and brought a total of slightly more than 4 million rubles

November 18 in one of the youngest of the Moscow auction houses — "Auction No. 1" Khamovnichesky Val, traded other art forms. Others not in the sense of an unusual form or content, just for its time, it was different — underground nonconformist. It is natural that the backbone of a directory of 142 lots was the collections of works of Moscow artists-шестидесятников and joined them seventies, with rare creativity of artists of the Leningrad underground.

, Special attention had extremely attractive quality collection of works by Vladimir Nemukhin, Vladimir Yakovlev and an extensive collection of drawings of Boris Sveshnikov. In addition to them, a separate mention and a gallery of works (in total about 20 lots of) artists associated with the Studio Elia Belutin "New reality".

it is Clear that the selection of works on similar subjects could not remain without attention of the public. In the end, during the time of the drawing of lots at peak times, watched (and participated) more than ten people in the room and about the same number of virtual players. Yes, compared to other auction houses these figures are impressive enough, but for auction sites, the history of which has not yet a year old, is an indicator of fairly strong growth in the customer base.

But back to the results. Sold 54 of 141 (of 38.30 %) of the lot catalog. Lot 126 was withdrawn from the auction prior to the auction. In total, over 54 lots sold, the auction organizers rescued 3,888 million rubles, or by 15.95% from the mean estimate of the directory.

most (nearly 40 %) of purchases this time, we expect made online-игроки, the hall and the phone showed almost identical activity and bought lots 12 and 14, respectively, and 7 times out of 9 was the winning distance rate.

the hammer Price is 100 thousand rubles last Saturday crossed the 8 lots, and the most expensive was lot 36 — most abstract "Musical composition" hand of the artist Studio Elia Belutin "New reality" Elena Lebedeva, sold in the room for 360 thousand rubles from the start to 300 thousand.

in Addition to the work Lebedeva, sure success with the audience enjoyed the work and the rest of belyutintsev. For example, all 4 works of another artist of a "New reality", Svetlana Nekrasova (lots 3, 16, 26, 54), have found new owners among absentee bidders, Internet-игроков and the hall was sold in the range of 34 (lot 3), 300 (lot 26) thousand roubles, mostly at the start. Selections from A. Collie, V. Zubarev and A. Rosala-Воронова parted slightly worse, but also pleased by the performance of close to 90 %.

But the Champions in the growth rates of the hammer relative to the start among the works of Belyutin's Studio were two colorful landscape of Anatolia Sathina: first "Goritsky monastery" (lot 23), starting from 120 thousand rubles, in the battle of the two phones has risen in price on 50 thousand and got a new owner for 170 thousand rubles, and then "Blue Gursuf" (lot 95) from the start of 140 thousand rubles was sold for 180 thousand rubles. Won again the phone.

Among nebelthau the most expensive and sought-after Soviet unofficial artisthas become a classic of nonconformism Vladimir Nikolaevich Nemukhin: his works have been objects of three of the ten most effective deals of the auction. First and second place in a virtual top-три sales of works Nemukhin divided the two original compositions on paper of 1965, beloved author of the "card" theme — "solitaire Card game. Clubs" (lot 61) and "Jack of diamonds" (lot 62). Of work gone in one hand, on the phone, on start, 345 thousand rubles each.

On the third place among nemuhinskie was a wooden sculptural composition, 1985 "homage to P. Cezanne" (lot 91) from a series of similar works — dedications of various artists, musicians and other figures of culture and art. Work is also non-negotiable got a new owner for 280 thousand rubles by correspondence rate.

To the undisputed successes of the drafters of the catalog can also include a small selection of four black-белых of photographs from the series "Artifacts" Francisco Infante-Араны (lots 29-32). Of the unequal struggle was divided between one online-игроков and party in the hall, was sold in the range of 24 to 36 thousand rubles and brought a total of 114 thousand roubles.

unfortunately, the graphic work Infante-Араны such interest has not caused. In addition, it is not seen by the bidders (which-то a strange coincidence, no less) proved to be extensive, out of 15 lots here and there scattered throughout the catalog, the selection diverse (and very beautiful!) watercolor landscapes and genre compositions dushevyh the hands of Boris Sveshnikov.

on the other hand, should you worry only for the Sveshnikov, for example, if most of the photos of Anatoly Zverev, as well as the works of his authorship, as well as very good composition Vladimir Yakovlev, I. Makarevich, almost Museum-quality E. Steinberg, O. Rabin, Vladimir Veisberg and Tselkov was among unsold.

it is Obvious that the specialists "Auction house # 1" there is still a lot of work on development of this direction is to achieve at least the success with which on their auctions creative heritage of the members of the Studio "New reality". Although, of course, the potential, so to speak, the main pool of the names of the Moscow nonconformists are much higher.

Well, the auction house has already a successful experience, and perspective directions of work, and we wish him to move forward confidently and achieve good results.

the Next auction "the Auction house № 1" will be held next Saturday, November 25: with the hammer empty for almost three hundred lots of painting, drawing, arts and crafts, books.

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