Auction "Russian enamel" on June 24. A brief summary
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The final spring-летний season catalog "Russian enamel" was sold out almost 40% and brought to organizers more than 8 million rubles

the Last Saturday of June, the auction house "Russian enamel" was met by large-scale (more than five hundred lots!) monthly auction of Russian and Western European art.

Catalogue of 518 lots ottorgovalis for 3.5 hours, which is very long by the standards of the "Russian enamel", famous for its auction marathons, five-шесть hours without a break. With the hammer went lot 203, or slightly less than 40 % of the catalog, totaling more than 8 million rubles — 22.5% of the average total estimate.

most (which is odd) at this time bought hall: 17 the most active of the nearly three dozen people, personally was present at auction, has acquired the joint efforts 61 of 203 lots sold. 59 lots failed to by the participants in the Internet 47 times in 88 attempts have benefited the owners of absentee bids, and 36 times the victory was celebrated by the buyers on the phone.

the Last auction proved to be extremely rich in famous names. So, top@section ndashлотов PDI could meet the objects of the company and K. I. Sazikov, fabergé, porcelain from the service of the Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna and porcelain establishments of Prince Yusupov and others In the section fine art has collected the works of Apollinarius Vasnetsov, Konstantin Korovin, Nikolai Tarkhov, Martiros Saryan, Nikolai Stipa and other Russian masters of the first row.

In General, the compilation of the catalogue of names in the section came FROM more than noteworthy, but sold fine art is neither good nor bad. It is possible, of course, pumped up the level of objects, and the factor of summer again played a role: by the end of June people in Moscow is becoming much smaller. Whatever it was, of 245 lots of painting and drawing, open an auction in new hands left only the fifth part, exactly 50 lots. Total revenue here was just less than 2.5 million, an average of 50 thousand roubles for each sold item and about 10% of the average total estimate of all lots section. Bought painting and graphics in the range from 2 to 350 thousand rubles and, with rare exceptions, almost non-negotiable.

Surprisingly, a record amount was given, this time not traditionally popular for picturesque landscapes and for the graphics — still life setting and genre stage. The Museum, however, level. So, record a string of fine arts was the price of a medium size watercolor of the sixties Dmitry Krasnopevtsev "Plate with the branches" (lot 172). Previously estimated at 240-250 thousand rubles figure started immediately with a marker where you stopped correspondence online-торги, — 350 thousand rubles, which were sold to a new owner.

Second place ranking in the price took the Thong OUT pastel "Three women" — sketch software work "Memories. Widow" (now stored in the Tretyakov gallery), Viktor Popkov (lot 180). Offered for auction withan estimate in the same 240-250 thousand rubles figure in the same pattern went in for 280 thousand.

the Third place was shared between two picturesque landscapes: "High river" brush Apollinaria Vasnetsov (lot 17) and "a Brook in the woods" by Andrei Schilder (lot 24). Both works were sold at a starting rates of 200 thousand roubles to the participant by phone and absentee bidder, respectively.

we would like to mention the work sold expensive in relative terms the start. It was the watercolor "the facade of the house from the village Voronov" the work of architect Nicholas Leontyevich Benois, father of the famous Alexander Benois (lot 11). Bidding for watercolor sketch of 1879, who had a conservative estimate of 10-12 thousand rubles, started with 30 thousand rubles in absentia rate, and got the pattern online-участнику for 95 thousand rubles perekopivka bids from multiple phones.

Decorative-прикладное art and icons have always been the strengths of the "Russian enamel". No exception to this past auction. Of the 273 lots in the second part of directory in new hands took more than half — 153 lots. The amount of the sold lots brought to the organizers, nearly 70 % of the proceeds of the day — more than 5.5 million rubles.

a Large part of this sum, I must say, has collected a string of icons. Of the 22 lots of strings sold 15, revenue amounted to almost 2.1 million rubles — 108,2% of the average total estimate of the lots section. Moreover, the sales section of the icons and Church utensils gave us three and the highest result of the day. The most expensive paid for pre-revolutionary (1908-1917) icon "virgin of Kazan" silver oklad with polychrome enamel (lot 252): starting bid with 360 thousand rubles by correspondence rate, some phones have pushed the price up to 600 thousand rubles. In second place — chromo icon "St. George" 1900-х years (lot 265), bought one of the e-участников at the start, for 500 thousand rubles. In third place — yet another image of our lady of Kazan in a silver oklad end of the XVIII century, decorated with rhinestones (lot 248). With the starting of 165 thousand rubles in the dispute for the possession the icon of the joined Internet, phone and player in the room. Won the last one. Icon cost the new owner 2.5 times higher than the start — 420 thousand rubles.

the Silver sold is also very good: 53 % of lots sold Thong brought to the Treasury auctions a total of more than a million rubles. Mug with chased decor Supplier of the Imperial court I. Sazikov (lot 299, estimate 395-425 thousand) and very beautiful vase-сухарница with a handle in the form of a bouquet of the Moscow branch of the fabergé firm (lot 309, estimate 589-635 thousand), unfortunately, turned out to beamong unsold. And the most expensive item of silver was lot 307 — Cup holder in the Russian style "Heroes" from the workshop of Mikhail Tarasov, who went for 155 thousand rubles at a starting part-time rate.

In the string of jewelry has sold 40 % of the lots, totaling a little less than 300 thousand rubles. The most accessible here steel silver brooch and cufflinks made Sverdlovsk plant No. 10 of "Russian gems" in 1958 (lot 354), which the buyer in the room at the starting price of 2,5 thousand rubles. The most expensive lot of the Thong was a gold bracelet with citrines (lot 331) of the early XX century, who went into the hall for 65 thousand roubles with absentee start in 60 thousand.

In the section of porcelain and glass in new hands went 77 of 121 lots. Total revenue amounted to almost 1.7 million rubles — to 59.4 % of the mean estimate. The greatest success with the audience enjoyed this time, not tea pairs or in sculpture, and the plates that were fierce competition. So, several phone players, participants in the Internet and room for quite a long time could not decide who would get the plate "Ivan Tsarevich", made at the factory of the Kornilov brothers in 1900-х years and painted on the figure I. Bilibin (lot 422). With 55 thousand start plate, the efforts of all the people willing to buy it, the price increased almost 4 times and was purchased by a party in the hall for 200 thousand rubles. Similar events were held and one of the most interesting lots of porcelain Thong — dish from the service of the Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna, the granddaughter of Catherine the great, made by the Imperial porcelain factory in 1796-1801 (lot 414): starting with 36 thousand rubles, a couple of phones and party in the hall quickly brought the hammer price to the final 110 thousand rubles. Won the phone.

String of bronze and other articles of daily use and interior has pleased almost 43%-ным care lots and nearly 40%-ным the result in the form of money: it was sold 15 lots of 35 in the amount of 452 thousand rubles. Of most interest here called Western bronze with gilding road inkstand in the form of a book the mid-nineteenth century (lot 487): estimated at 4-7,5 thousand rubles, the lot started with 8 thousand absentee rate was sold to the Internet for 19 thousand rubles. The most expensive lot of the section was a cast bronze sculpture by M. wolf "a Couple in the cart" (lot 491), inherited the new owner on the phone at a starting price of 235 thousand rubles.

Congratulations to the "Russian enamel" is quite good (especially in the segment of DPI) completed spring-летнего season and we will wait for the new autumn already directories.

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