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Первый профессиональный сервис по выдаче займов под залог произведений искусства

Spring rare book auction house "Among collectors". A brief summary
ARTinvestment.RU   26 апреля 2017

With the hammer went 56,5 % of the lots catalog, and total revenues exceeded 8 million rubles

last Tuesday, April 18, the auction house "Among collectors" held its third auction.

auction Catalogue, titled "rare books of the XVIII — XX centuries, manuscripts, autographs, graphics, photographs and postcards, lots of dedicated space (from the private collection)" included the 301 exhaustively described lot and was divided into 26 thematic sections: from the string of publications XVIII — the first third of the nineteenth century to materials from the collection of A. F. Dobrynin, Soviet Ambassador to the U.S. from 1962 to 1986

Such a diverse catalogue, the collection could not be overlooked the sophisticated Moscow public. Despite the unusual auction time — five o'clock, and Tuesday is not the most popular auction day — in the hall "Slavic" of the hotel "national" the beginning of trading gathered about two dozen people. And thirty people participated in the auction in real time.

within three hours of the auction went under the hammer 170 of 301 lot catalog, for a total of 8 082 300 rubles.

Surprisingly, despite such an impressive number of players in the hall and in the Network, a large part bought — 73 lots were sold to participants by phone, 68 lots won online, 12 — hall, and 17 times proved to be the winning absentee bid.

Starts on the lots at this time is located in the range from 600 to 390 000, it's no surprise that up to half a million got not one lot, but the "barrier" of 100 thousand rubles overcame from 23 lots.

the Tone and pace trading asked draw the first section of the catalog "Publications of the XVIII — Perv. third of the XIX century", which included 12 lots. The new owners have acquired 10 of the 12 lots section, and the total revenue amounted to 1.5 million rubles — almost 20 % of the proceeds of the day. The most expensive among the publications of the XVIII century became one of the most interesting lots of the auction — first Russian dictionary of Russian superstitions, rituals, festivals "Aavega Russian superstitions..." 1786 edition from the collection of historian M. O. Koyalovich (lot 6). Rare (and actually in our days, according to the compilers of the catalogue) book in tselnokozhanom binding of the era went for a starting part-time rate of 340 thousand rubles. All in all, more than 100 thousand rubles in this section was sold 5 lots of 10.

a total of almost a million rubles brought the organizers of the sale of lots of historical topics ("In a certain Kingdom, in a state") and the military-морской subjects. In each of these thongs on average, sold about 70 % of the lots and the highest price has reached the essay of Nicholas Muraveva "the Russians on the Bosporus in 1833" (lot 31), inherited the party by telephone at the start of 170 thousand rubles. But the most popular edition of these two strings, judging by the number of applicants for it, was lot 21 — historical study of the "Revolution of 1762. The writing and correspondence of participants and contemporaries", 1908 edition. From the start in 23 thousand rubles in the fight for the book came from several phones and party in the hall. In the end, the victory went to one of the phone players, who bought the lot for 80 thousand rubles.

Books about architecture, hunting and fishing, Russian Church history and books on art and travel, art and children's literature and periodicals were sold an average of 50% on prices from 600 to 70 000 rubles, and almost all — at the start. The highest score among these books is quite narroworientation showed a three-volume "the Feats of the human mind. Comprehensible presentation of inventions and technical production" (lot 49). Translated (from German) edition, published in the publishing house of the bookseller-типографа M. O. wolf in 1870-1871 years, was contested between the party room and multiple online-игроками: 99 thousand rubles, the start of a three-volume left in for 130 thousand rubles.

unfortunately, sections of books of the XIX — XX centuries, works on world history, publications of an erotic nature, and also (unexpectedly) poetry, books and theater themed books on photography and photography enthusiasm of participants of auction has not caused and could boast of the sale of a maximum of 30 % (or 15 %) of the lots in each string. The most expensive among the lots of these strings was a set of large-format photos in a folder embossed with the "Sports parade in Moscow on 30 Jun 1935" (lot 251), sold for 145 thousand rubles on the phone, from the start to the 135 thousand rubles. In second place — lifetime edition "of the Writings in prose and verse of Konstantin Batiushkov," published in two volumes in St-петербургской printing Glazunov in 1834 (lot 188). With 90 thousand start, a lot was drawn between the Internet-участником and phone and got the last one for 110 thousand rubles. But the most significant growth rates relative to start (almost 4 times) showed a lot from the section "world history": first edition of the six-volume work "the Second world war in photographs (The War in Pictures)" publisher London Odhams Press (lot 82) with a fairly modest start in 17 thousand rubles went to a new owner on the Internet for 65 thousand rubles.

now — about the most popular collections of the past directory, clearly showing what is interested in our finicky and discerning buyers. This, of course, illustrated books: sold four from five richly-designed, large-format publications brought to organizers more than a million rubles. Almost 100%-ный care to note in the sections on nutrition and health and, strangely enough, in a string called "bad habits". One of the most successful compilations catalog was the string of eight lots, United by the title "Book theme": the publication containing the table paleographic scripts and early printed Cyrillic fonts, samples, special characters, italics, and foreign fonts, diverged what is called like hotcakes. For each of the lots sold Thong fought at least three-четыре person, which often led to significant, several times higher prices relative to the starting numbers. Thus, the most expensive of the "font" publications was lot 208 — two folders with samples of Russian calligraphy, executed by captain J. A. Andronicus: with 11 thousand rubles start lot was played between two or more participants over the phone and got the winner in 40 thousand rubles.

Finally, let us dwell on the most popular lots and sections of the catalog. The long and persistent raffle remember selling lot 180 — books of memoirs, "Notes on my life" Nicholas Ivanovich Grech. Memoir on the life of St. Petersburg in the first half of the nineteenth century, was subjected at the time of hard censorship exemptions, however, the publisher was able to print for yourself and friends 10 uncensored copies.One of them, under the number "4" and embossed superequilibrium "Library of Alexander Alexandrovich Kotelnikov," was presented at the auction. Surprising that it attracted the attention of several phone players and online-участников. Bidding for the lot began with 45 thousand rubles, went long and hard and ended with a winning bid of one of the phones in the 310 thousand rubles.

One of the indisputable successes of the compilers of the catalogue can be considered an interesting selection of lots from the collection of Soviet Ambassador in the United States from 1962 to 1986, A. F. Dobrynin. Stamps, autographs statesmen of the two superpowers — and US presidents Reagan and George. Bush-старшего, and the President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev, autographs of R. Rozhdestvensky and Henry Kissinger etc. caused a real stir among those present. With the hammer went 18 of section 20 lots totaling more than 560 thousand rubles. Most traded for the historic meeting of the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev and 40-го US President Ronald Reagan in Washington on 7 December 1987, during which was signed the first ever agreement on the reduction of armaments — the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range (lot 295). For the original photo in paper sleeve autographed by Reagan and Gorbachev fought 5 people-6. From the start of 30 thousand rubles phone, Banquet facilities, and several players in the Internet have raised the price to 140 thousand rubles. Won the phone, killing time.

Completely sold out string of first and rare editions of Chekhov: the new owners found all eight of his lots, and total revenues exceeded 750 thousand rubles. Chekhov's section, by the way, the organizers of the auction are required and the best result of the day. Raffle of a lifetime books "Innocent speech" A. Chekhonte (one of the pseudonyms of A. P. Chekhov) on special paper from the collection of publisher A. S. suvorina (lot 143), 1887 hall, Internet and phone started with 290 thousand roubles, and could not yield to each other. Full steps and a half step the applicants to possess a rare collector's edition was trying to buy time until the price rose to 450 thousand rubles, for which the book and went into new hands. Won the phone.

in detail and We often talk about what a conservative audience these booksellers: buy books with pleasure, but painting and graphics — without much enthusiasm. This trend is especially visible in mixed auctions, when the section of fine arts is a small part of the extensive "book" palette. Amazing way to the auction house "Among collectors" in the last auction was able to reverse this tradition. Schedule, limited edition, original, bought them, and very willingly. Of 20 lots, section "Graphic art" went under the hammer 13 pieces. Traditionally a favorite of the audience award were the works of Tatiana Mavrina, all three handmade album of drawings (lots 273-275) have been sold at auction, by phone, in different hands, at prices ranging from 120 to 230 thousand rubles for the lot. Company albums Mavrina in the number of lots for which fought with zeal, made a drawing for a children's coloring book based on the cartoon "the Kid and Carlson" (lot 265) artist Anatoly Mikhaylovich Savchenko, the author of the original drawings of the cartoon; the figure was gone in two and a half times higher than the start, for 32 thousand rubles. Other lotssection went a little cheaper, but also higher starting price, the auction average two-три step.

we can only congratulate the auction house "collectors" with a well-organized auction and a confident result. Will wait for the new catalog — as interesting and informative as always, and success of the auction house.

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