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100 % on the lots of 320 % on the money and only 5 hours of time on 290 lots, 6 June in the house "Russian enamel" held an auction of antique postcards

this past Saturday, June 6, in the hall of the auction house "Russian enamel" on Gogol Boulevard, held its first specialized filokartisty auction "Auction of antique postcards". Moscow auction house is frequently included in the directory one-двух up to a dozen "postcard" lots, but such an extensive collection in one auction at the auction exhibited for the first time. Scope and content directory to the uninitiated commanded respect, and dedicated to, obviously, caused a whole range of mixed emotions: it includes about 5000 species and art postcards of XIX–XX centuries, mostly originating from the collection of the famous Moscow collector Leonid Isaakovich [email protected]

Saturday auction, apart from the fact that they have become one of the most important events in domestic philocarty, probably long remain, perhaps the most successful and productive event of all domestic art-рынка. The last auction "Russian enamel" seems to be repeated or beaten all possible records: the hammer is gone 100 % of lots, while total revenue more than three times exceeded the organizers ' expectations and was an incredible 319,61 % (!) the mean estimate of the directory. And if 100 % of lots sold we are already one time in Russia saw — July 12, 2012 at the auction "Soviet painting and graphics" in the Gallery of Leonid Shishkin, exceeding the average estimate, was not, it seems, all the time our [email protected]

And it's not in low starts. In the opinion of the public gathered in the hall —; and there sat entirely filokartisty with experience, assessment of the lots was quite correct and only sometimes overstated. Often, the starting price on the lot several times (and sometimes an order of magnitude) exceeds the lower estimate, but it does not bother anyone " apparently, many of those gathered in the hall with four extra dozen people really wanted to get a part of one of the most respected in Moscow filokartisty [email protected]

In the amount of 290 lots sold brought the organizers of the auction 3 551 700 rubles. More (and hotter) traded and most often won, the participants in the room who bought an absolute majority — 238 lots, 33 times managed to win the Internet, 11 — customers by phone and just 8 times (out of 278) managed to win the absentee [email protected]

For the convenience of bidding the auction catalogue conditionally was divided into two thematic parts: the first was selling generic cards, and after the break, starting with lot 137, went mostly to the card art. The results of both thongs were almost identical: 319,26 % of the average estimate section of picture post-cards and 320,13 % to more varied art pieces. However, in the total amount of the first part of the auction brought everything-таки more @2. 104 550 rubles, almost 2/3 of total revenue [email protected]

Record buy last Saturday was lot 7 @. 94 postcards with views of Moscow publications P. von-Гиргенсон. With absentee start in 35 000 roubles in a dispute between two parties in the hall got the winner for 95 000. The most spectacular battle in the first part of the auction was the draw of lot 3, contains 35 postcards with views of Moscow edition of "Northern Art Publishing house". Starting with 20 000 absentee rate three candidates in the room together to raise the price to 81 000 @ & mdash; four times higher than the starting and 11.5 times the lower estimate — and thus recorded the second result of the day. Another memorable result - 70 000 rubles from the start 15 000 for 59 postcards with views of Moscow edition of the dark room - "Sherer, Nabgolts and Co" in the early XX century (lot 10). So, moving on to the catalog with an average speed of 50 lots per hour and playing every set of postcards group of 4-5 people (mostly inside), the participants got to 136 of the lot, which ended the main section of picture post-cards, and organizers arranged a merciful ten minute [email protected]

Although the results in the second part of the auction did not rise above 55 000 rubles for the lot here were sold the most expensive cards, because at high prices in the first section left the sets from dozens of cards and not the individual instances (in terms of which the prices seem quite modest).

the Most expensive card of the day was a rare propaganda postcard "Bandit — enemy of Soviet power..." (about 1920) edition of Ekaterinoslav Gaborkovesdan, (lot 256). Lot, offered with an estimate of 600-1500 rubles, started with 6 000 absentee rate and in the final struggle absentee buyer and three full-time participants went to the gym with the start in excess of 7 times (lower estimate — in 73.3 times!!!) @. 44 000. By the way, launch such a high absentee rate at a low estimate last Saturday was announced quite often. Likewise, from 6 000 rubles, while the estimate 600-1 500, but with much more modest results @8. 000, went to the gym lot 240 — 3 propaganda postcards of the First world war: "Moscow during the days of the Holy war" (Edition for the wounded in forward positions) A. A. Found, "Dmitry Donskoy" K. A. Korovin and "Citizens of Moscow, clothe refugees." R. N. Brailovsky published by the Association for skorobogaty A. A. Levinson W-е [email protected]

Well, finally — another interesting and memorable draw. Two rare lithographed postcards I. F. Larionov (very sorry that the auction house failed to resolve the issue with the attribution; presumably, we can talk about the authorship of Ivan Fedorovich Larionov (1884-1920), his brother Mikhail Larionov), published by A. E. Kruchenykh in 1912 (lot 189), exhibited modest estimate of 600-1 500 rubles and started to record the excess of the lower limit of estimeyta, more precisely, from 10 000 rubles by correspondence rate. On any other auction, such an approach almost certainly would have been the finish line (with comments from the audience like: wow, how expensive!), but of deltiologists he merely stirred: correspondence with the bidder entered into a debate the four candidates in the room and a telephone. The victory by proposing a bet of 55,000 rubles, won [email protected]

And if you remember that the Commission in this auction amounted to as much as 20% against the usual 10-15 %, the enthusiasm and excitement of the winners inspires even more [email protected]

Congratulations to the organizers of the auction with a stunning, striking results, the auctioneer, which sold for an absolute directory on the tradition at-то relied white gloves @ & mdash; with a well-held five-hour marathon, and all buyers — with an excellent addition to their collections. And let's hope that the next absolute result of domestic art-рынка will not be forced to wait another three [email protected]

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