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Young artists: make and conquer. Part 4
ARTinvestment.RU   24 апреля 2020

Artist portfolio: physical, virtual, combo

In the previous material we have described the principles of creating a personal Manifesto of an artist. Manifesto or Artist Statement, as it is called in the international practice, will form the basis of important visual identifiers of the artist: portfolio and private Internet-сайта.

artist Portfolio

In the literature, artist's portfolio is sometimes referred to as presentation. Just define: in this article, "presentation" — is a function of the portfolio, but not synonymous. Portfolio is created by the artist for people first getting acquainted with his work, while also presenting the author's galleries in unrelated to treatment. It consists of the following sections:

• a personal Manifesto;
• contact;
• education;
• solo exhibition;
• group exhibition;
• residence;
• awards, grants;
• references in the media;
• private [email protected] semicolon
• a different experience of the artist.

What do the young artists who from the above list are only three of the first paragraph? To work on the rest! In particular, to participate in contests, apply at the residence, and grant programs. There is nothing wrong and that the young artist have only one series of works — provided that between the release of the creative University and the creation date of the portfolio was less than two years. If this period is more from a collector or gallery will have a fair questions.

the Current situation on the art market assumes that artist's portfolio is created for a digital format for distribution as a PDF-презентации. Printed portfolio until recently was just a way for the art of photography coherent a personal meeting with the artist collector or gallery or participate in the so-called "portfolio-ревю" — public shows of young artists of the group of experts organized by the galleries or creative Universities. In other cases, printed and donated by artists portfolio in natural order (for example, the gallery owners at the booths of fairs or at the openings of other exhibitions) remain in place presentation to the first cleaning. In the case of a digital call always name the file with their own name: clear one you designate will be removed by the collector at the first cleaning of the computer. The portfolio should be visually highlighted and easily accessible for free download on the website of the artist.

Internet-сайт artist

Own Internet-ресурс the best thing to do is simple and clear: do not waste creative imagination in its design. Ideally, your presentation and website should be done in the same manner and to essentially have the same information. Here, however, it can apply not so compressed: a full list of exhibitions, a lot more projects, links to publications and interviews in mass media. In addition, having your own website with the necessary specified years of job creation is the actual recognition for your copyright. The common opinion "of spread will not steal" does not withstand criticism: better to let the plot take ten people, but you'll see ten thousand. Main — is not limited to the creationresource, and to work on exhibition and public history, negate the efforts of competitors. The most simple (but no less presentable) version of — to create a website on a ready-made platform like Wix or Tilda: you can choose the layout of the website according to your taste and make additional settings. That on the mechanics of your website may resemble the resources of other artists, there is nothing wrong: the main difference between — in your work. If you are not yet represented by a gallery (that is not passed the right to trade their own art), make a tab online-магазина (for example, through the service Shopify): the phrase "an artist must not sell works through its own website" is outdated today. Nevertheless, this tab should go to a separate section in "Portfolio" in the description of the series of works price should not be!

the Main errors occurring when forming a portfolio and website, is about the same:

• the website address is missing from the PDF-портфолио. The correct solution would be to add a link to a page in Instagram, and address, and icon. People need to know that you can meet the artist on social networks;
• website address specified in the portfolio once in the contacts section. It needs to be specified on each page of the artist portfolio (in the header or the footer): you may not know at what point in reading it people will want to know about you more. If on the same page will not be referenced, it will close the file, promising myself to come back later. In the era of mad flow of information this means: don't open a portfolio ever;
• no specified contacts Manager or press-агента: name, phone, e-mail. If there is no — leave only the address and phone number, but do Inbox virtual agent, starting with [email protected] And don't be lazy (or stingy) to get the postal service to the email address sounded to the address of the site. If your site with the conditional address basquiat.com is mail [email protected] —, it immediately signals a lack of professionalism and cheapens you as an artist. For $6 per month G Suite Google will give you the address [email protected] and bind to his service.

And finally, a few recommendations that will help not only to improve the information content and the quality of the site, but also attract more attention to the personality and creativity of the author.

• the title text of a personal Manifesto reasonably be quoted, and sign up. For those media who do not have time to interview during the exhibitions and other similar events, it is direct speech that journalists attach to reviews. And let them copy ten media — artist just need;
• don't be afraid to make your name the most visible part of the presentation. Thin fonts are in the spirit of Jonathan Ive, former art-директора Apple is good when the phone is already bought and the design has nowhere to go. And you have not bought, remember this!
• should not be ashamed of their education, even if it is not connected with creativity. Write truthfully, and then let those interested link your knowledge with your creativity;
• add your recognizable photo and post some pictures at work to show through the creative process (and work) that you own profession. Ideally, you should do so that after any party photographers secularChronicles did not run for the wording of the question: "who is this?" and immediately put you into the tape. It is possible to find a characteristic image of the item, but be prepared to part with it for very long. Tie-бабочка busy Ivan Ivy, orange Raglan — Dmitry Gutov, but you still have many options!

In the following article AI for young artists we will discuss the placement of the portfolios on third-party online-платформах and key parameters, which draws attention to the collector — visitor online-ресурса encountered you for the first time.

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