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ARTinvestment.RU   17 марта 2010

Investing in creativity famous Russian artist of the sixties, working in Paris

This year the artist Yuri Cooper said 70-year anniversary. Therefore ARTinvestment.RU decided to recall its basic artistic merit. And along the way to give a forecast on the prospects for investment in his work.

real name of the artist - Yuri Kuperman. He was born in Moscow, as a child lived in a communal apartment, memories of which, by his own admission, became chief in his work: "My aesthetics - from the nostalgia for a communal". In 1960 he, like many in the informal arts, worked in the book graphics. In 1972 he emigrated to Israel a year later moved to London. In 1983, Cooper became a British citizen. But his travels were not over. He now lives in France, then in London, then in New York. Often coming to Russia. For example, recently it can be seen at the opening of the exhibition " Artist's Book "in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art .

«a visiting card of" Cooper's original paintings are installed with prosaic objects such as brushes, spoons, forks, apples, flowers, boxes from the cookies and so on. The colors the artist prefers the muffled, melancholic, at his pictures everyday objects of little interest seems frozen in a kind of timelessness. In his works, he extols the beauty of the old, the poor things: "From many years of human touch all objects become precious, they do not even need beeswax!" Tracks Cooper is very noble - no wonder they enjoyed considerable success with collectors.

In addition to painting, Cooper creates more and sculptures, book illustrations and jewelry, as well as costumes and scenery for theatrical productions. Abroad, the artist designed the performances of such directors as Robert Altman (Robert Altman) and Marcel Marechal (Marcel Maréchal). In 2007, Cooper worked on his opera "Boris Godunov", which put the Bolshoi Theater Alexander Sokurov. Among the other Russian projects - scenography of Bizet's opera "Carmen". Costumes for this production, performed on metal sheets by using a mixed technique, exhibited in 2008 at a Moscow gallery "KultProekt».

Yuri Cooper - an artist, far from the modern aggressive "of modern art ": most of all he respected the work of old masters, as well as painting Repin and Kramskogo . His intimate, very decorative works were exhibited in museums and galleries around the world (on account of the painter more than 50 solo exhibitions). In 1995, the Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin spent his retrospective.

Works Yuri Cooper offered by leading French and other major galleries on both sides of the ocean. Are available and the auction market. And the auction of his work is sometimes possible to buy more profitable than in the galleries. Gallery-price range for new works of medium and large size - it is conditionally 10-30 thousand euros. The auction record for the artist's career - 18,5 thousand pounds for polutorametrovy beautiful "Tulip" (2007), paid at Phillips de Pury in the summer of 2008. Chic work. Collectors also like its compact "flat installation" - objects (flowers, spoons, forks, brushes), mounted on canvas and immersed in the spectacular pasty colorful volume. For all the showiness, these little work in large frames are sold at auction for readily available money 2.5 thousand dollars. According ARTinvestment.RU, to date, Cooper's works are undervalued, so investors should look closely at the work of one of the most decorative artists in the clip "other art».

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