Artist of the week: the installation wizard Cady Noland — ideological recluse
ARTinvestment.RU   18 января 2013

ARTinvestment.RU continues to acquaint readers with prominent representatives of contemporary conceptual art, one way or another to assert themselves in 2012

ARTinvestment.RU continues to acquaint readers with prominent representatives of contemporary conceptual art, one way or another to assert themselves in 2012.

Today's character - Cady Noland - conceptual sculptor of postmodernism and the installation wizard. It's located on the 3rd place in the ranking of the artists whose works on the open market showed the largest increase relative to 2000 levels according to Bloomberg, with a score of 5.488%(to occupy this position allowed the artist to record for her work price of 6.6 million dollars) .

daughter of the famous abstract artist Kenneth Noland, one of the "most brilliant, influential and original representatives of conceptual art 1980-90" Cady Noland was born in 1956 in Washington, DC, graduated from college Sarah Lawrence, one of the most expensive and prestigious educational institutions of America, it is finished in time, Yoko Ono, Brian De Palma and other prominent representatives of culture and art.

Growing up in an artistic environment of turbulent 1970, Cady Noland could not have been affected by such artists of his generation, as Sidney Sherman, Richard Prince, Barbara Kruger, whose work the consumer society and the growing influence of mass culture in it and the mass media relentlessly disclosed in the unfavorable light, and used for This accusation nontrivial visual tools, including elements of mass culture itself, used by artists as their own visual techniques. No wonder that the mass media penetration into the everyday life of people in the arts, the dark side of life and the idea of ​​the illusory nature of the "American Dream" Noland interested in student life. In 1987, she published the essay "Towards a metalanguage of evil» (Towards Metalanguage of Evil), which consistently and explicitly develops the theme of the relationship of the aggressor (this can be a maniac or the system itself) to the victim and the reflection in mass culture. Examples of such relations, it uses a lot of psychological conflicts, drawn in television series like "Dynasty," Hemingway books, movies, Hitchcock, etc. In this essay Noland outlines the topics that occupy it at the time, and will take up to mid-1990, when it moves away from active public life.

Today Cady Noland is almost a recluse - public almost nothing is known about her private life, and new works (prior to their public appearance), and even a rare interview she pays attention to the philosophy and ideology and not about himself. Even suspect that the last 10 years, it intentionally creates a haze of mystery and an information void around his name , to give additional weight to his creativity .

For fifteen years, Noland creative activity through many loud statements and his installations have to make the audience think about the many serious problems of society.

In early studies of the middle and late 1980s, she addresses to the idea of ​​American identity and the problem of violence and excessive consumption in modern society. Her sculptures and installations of this period are a mixture of metal pipes, road signs, police badges, American flags, beer cans and other waste produced by members of the American middle class, and reveal the servants' obsession with constant consumption (things, information, emotions) and underside of American culture. Noland often uses in this period receiving contrast - places street objects (chains, mail boxes, street lamps, car parts) in the environment of domestic things.

Then she begins to engage in silkscreen, which is one of the most expressive techniques, and now use it to continue to work on the topic of relationships aggressor (the killer maniac) and its victims, which began in the essay "Towards metalanguage of Evil "(1987). Heroes of the work of the late 1980's - early 1990's, it shall elect Patty Hearst (granddaughter of American billionaire and newspaper magnate William Hearst kidnapping victim, joined the kidnappers, then - felon named Tanya, tried for bank robbery - one of the most well-lit press examples of Stockholm syndrome) in the works, "Tanya. Crime »( Tanya as a Bandit, 1989) or" Nameless Patty Hearst »( Untitled Patty Hearst, 1989) and Lee Harvey Oswald (the only suspect in the murder of U.S. President George Kennedy, who was killed by Jack Rudy, when converted to prison almost live) in the work - "Ozvald» (Oozewald, 1989).

Cady Noland Tanya. Crime. 1989
aluminum, silkscreen
Cady Noland Ozvald. 1989
aluminum, silkscreen
Sale Price 6,578,500 dollars
Sotheby's. 9.11.2011

Cady Noland uses images, replicated media - newspaper clippings, pictures chronicle - increases them with silk puts on aluminum sheets and then figured their cuts. Then, to give more expression to his idea, it does in some figures more holes, simulating bullet holes. So there her sculpture.

Noland in his compositions often creates images that are out of context attractive and innocent, but if you know the story, they are - images of monsters. "Violence is part of life in America and has a good reputation," - says the artist in one of his interviews. So, in the mid-1990s Noland drawn to the image of Charles Manson ("Manson Family" - commune, consisting of American fringe, mostly young women, which account for more mass murder), Betty Ford (wife of U.S. President Gerald Ford, in 1982 founded the Betty Ford Center - an organization to combat alcoholism and drug addiction, which she herself had suffered for many years), and other important characters.

Cady Noland Surrounded!!! 1993-1994
Cady Noland Surrounded! 1993-1994
Screen printing on metal
Source: thewadsworth . org

In the late 1990's installations and sculptures Noland become more social , with elements of didactics, whether that color. Now she is interested in what the consumer society spits, passes through it - and there are such works as "garbage spilled celebrities» (Celebrity Trash Spill, 2000s) or "Untitled (Basket)» (Untitled (Basket), 1998 -2003).

Cady Noland spilled trash celebrities. 2000s
Cady Noland Spilled trash celebrities. 2000s Mixed

Cady Noland Untitled (Basket). 1998-2003
metal baskets, cloth, chain, metal objects
Estimate: 350 000-450 000
Sotheby's. 12.11.2008

Works Noland cause strong interest, sometimes bordering on hype, and among specialists and collectors, and even the general public ( I must say that these three categories connoisseurs rarely reach a consensus). What is interesting? First, people are always attracted to violence, and secondly, of Noland relevant in the literal sense of the term (or even the historical point), and, thirdly, the bait is a veil of secrecy around the very name of the artist: the last time it appeared in the press last year - due to scandal with the auction house Sotheby's and in the current rating Bloomberg.

Noland works are in the collection of MOCA. Her solo exhibitions successfully held in the U.S., Japan, Europe, and the works are sold by leading auction houses of the world - in particular, Sotheby's and Phillips de Pury. However, in 2013, will have more than 11 years since then, as the artist showed his new job. What is this? Rejection of ideas? Of creativity? Cady Noland, or even declare itself?

Maria Kuznetsova, AI

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