Korolev Boris Danilovich

KOROLEV, Boris Danilovich

28 декабря 1884 (9 января 1885; Moscow) — 18 июня 1963 (Abramtsevo, Moscow region)

Sculptor, graphic

From the family of a railroad employee. Studied at the natural branch of physical-математического faculty of the Moscow University (1902-1905). Participated in the revolutionary movement (since 1904), he was arrested twice, in 1906 выслан abroad.

the Initial art education has received in the courses of arts at the gymnasium Bess (1907) Ф. И. Рерберга, С. В. Ноаковского and Н. П. Ульянова. Worked in the studios of В. Н. Мешкова and И. И. Машкова (1908-1910). More than two years he worked in the sculpture Studio М. Блок. Studied in MUZHVZ (1910-1914) С. М. Волнухина. After graduating from the class in sculpture, came out from School without receiving a diploma. Also attended the Department of art history and archaeology, the faculty of Philology of Moscow University.

In 1910 he traveled to Germany and France, in 1913 — in England, Italy, Austria. In Paris, visited the Studio А. П. Архипенко.

Lived in Moscow since 1933 — in Abramtsevo. Was part of the Commission for the protection of monuments of art and antiquities (1917-1918), a member of the College of fine ARTS of Narcompros (1918-1922). Participated in the creation and management of the Moscow professional Union of sculptors-художников (1917-1919). He dealt with synthesis of arts, was in charge of the sculptural-архитектурно-живописного synthesis at the College of fine ARTS (1919), "Sculptural gang" in Zhivskulptarh at the College of fine ARTS (end of 1919). Worked at INKhUK (1920-1921), in 1921 organized a "Working group of sculptors". One of the organizers of the Novo-Абрамцевского creative team of artists.

he Worked in easel and monumental and memorial sculpture. In early works went through a fascination with impressionism and cubism. Participated in the implementation of the plan of monumental propaganda, which has performed for the Moscow monument М. А. Бакунину (1919, not preserved), projects monuments К. Марксу (1919) and "emancipation of labour" (1920). Author of the monument "to Fighters of revolution" in Saratov (1925, granite), Н. Э. Бауману in Moscow (1931, bronze, granite). Worked on the monuments А. И. Желябову for Leningrad (1933-1934), А. С. Пушкину (1937), Н. В. Гоголю (1937), А. М. Горькому (1938), П. И. Чайковскому (1940) to Moscow ( — is not implemented).

the Author of easel portraits (marble, plaster, bronze): В. И. Ленина (1926), revolutionary А. И. Желябова (1928), writers Л. Н. Толстого (1930), Р. Роллана (1935), А. С. Пушкина (1940), composer and conductor К. С. Сараджаева (1931), pianist Н. С. Клеменковой (1945), literary critic И. И. Анисимова (1947) and others. Completed a number of Nude female figures and torsos (wood, plaster, bronze).

Created tombstones Т. И. Нетте Vagankovskoye cemetery (1927), В. Д. Бонч-Бруевича at Novodevichy cemetery (1955) in Moscow.

From 1919 — participant of exhibitions (exhibition of projects of the first competition organized by the city Council for a monument to Karl Marx at Khodynka in Moscow). A member and Exhibitor associations "Monolith" (1919-1920), the Society of Russian sculptors (1926-1931), the Society of Moscow artists (1927-1932). Participated in exhibitions: 1-я state exhibition of art and science in Kazan (1920), "World of art" (1921, 1922), society "Moscow painters", contemporary Russian sculptors (both — 1925), AHRR (1926, 1928), art works for 10-летнему the anniversary of the October revolution (1928), "Socialist construction in Soviet art" (1930) in Moscow, "Artists of the RSFSR for XV years" (1932-1933) in Leningrad and others. The Exhibitor of many international exhibitions and exhibitions of Russian art abroad: 1-й Russian art exhibition in Berlin (1922), XIV, XVI, XVII international art exhibitions in Venice (1924, 1928, 1930), Art-кустарной exhibition of the USSR in new-Йорке, Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit (1929), exhibitions of Soviet art in Vienna, Berlin, Stockholm (all — 1930), Zurich (1931) and others. Held a personal exhibition in Moscow (1958).

he Taught at the Moscow school for the poor (1913-1917), 1@and 2 ndashх-х State free art workshops — VKhUTEMAS (1918-1925), the Moscow art-промышленном school. М. И. Калинина (1947-1951); in Leningrad: in Vhuteine (1929-1930), the Institute of proletarian fine art (1929-1930); Professor.

a Memorial exhibition of Queen were organized in Abramtsevo (1977), Moscow (1978), Leningrad (1986).

Work is represented in many Museum collections, including the State Tretyakov gallery, the State Russian Museum, State Central Museum of contemporary history of Russia and others.

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