Fedorova Mariya Alekseevna
Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Ionova 1859–1934

Fedorova (nee ions) Maria

March 28, 1859 (St. Petersburg) - 1934 (Helsinki)

Painter, graphic artist

came from the middle class. From 1878 she studied at the Drawing School of the Society for the Promotion of Artists. In 1881-1892 as a student attended classes volnoslushayuschego IAH. In 1889, for summer work has been awarded a commendation in 1890 was awarded a small bonus medal in 1891 - a big bonus medal. In 1892 she graduated from the course, receiving a certificate for teaching in the women's gymnasium.

worked as a landscape painter, watercolorist, continuing his work in the tradition of Russian landscape school. Participated in exhibitions IAH (1873-1918, with interruptions), Saint-Petersburg Society of Artists (1894-1905, with interruptions), the Moscow Society of Art Lovers (1900). In 1892 received a cash prize OPKh, in 1893 for his film "The Evening Dawn" - the first prize in the lottery OPKh.

In 1893-1894, together with ED Polenova, EM Bem, L. Sreznevsky, NI Almazova, OP Semenova, AI Konstantinova worked on sketch addresses French women in connection with the events surrounding the conclusion of the Franco-Russian alliance.

with creative goals often traveled to Russia, often visited on the Volga. In 1905 she lived in the estate Gorvits Poltava province, where he gave private lessons in drawing. In the 1900's, traveled to Finland.

In the early 1920's emigrated. She studied painting, gave drawing lessons. Wrote icon "Savior" and "the Virgin" for Nicholas Orthodox community in Helsinki, the icons "Golgotha" and "Shroud" for Viborg Orthodox community. Since 1933 - Member of the exhibitor and the Society of Russian artists in Finland.

Fedorova works are in several museum and private collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery.

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