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Popov Mikhail Petrovich

POPOV Michael P.

August 23, 1837 (St. Petersburg) - January 10, 1898 (St. Petersburg)

sculptor, graphic artist.

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Попов, Михаил Петрович


POPOV Michael P.

August 23, 1837 (St. Petersburg) - January 10, 1898 (St. Petersburg)

sculptor, graphic artist.

Original art education in the Drawing School of the Society for the Encouragement of artists in St. Petersburg, which worked intermittently from 1848 to 1852. Since 1855 consisted volnoprihodyaschim student sculpture class IAH, he studied first under the leadership of N. Pimenov, from 1856 - PK Klodt. During the period of training received all existing academic awards: in 1861 was awarded a small silver coin, in 1862 - a large silver medals (both - for sculpting from life) in 1862 - a small gold medal for the program "Resting mower. In 1864 completed the program for a large gold coin - the relief of Joseph in the prison's interpretation of dreams butler and baker, "but was not awarded. In 1866, he again participated in the competition for a gold medal with a bas-relief "Penelope in mourning, surrounded by servants, grooms bring bows and arrows; Odysseus sits a beggar at the door" - was awarded, received a certificate of class artist of degree 1 and the right to pensioner's trip abroad for six years.

in December 1867 as a pensioner IAH went to Rome. Along the way, visited Berlin, Dresden, Vienna, Venice, Florence, Naples, where he studied museum collections. In Rome, created the statue of "girl-yoke", plaster sketches of "The boy, dancing the tarantella", "fisherman returning from fishing, as well as several busts. A number of works executed in Italy, were destroyed during the floods in Rome 1870. In 1872, in favor of the next academic exhibition of "girl-yoke" and "Neapolitan fisherman, who plays the mandolin" was awarded the title of academician.

In 1873, at the end of pensionerstva, returned to Russia, but in the same year again went to Italy to complete my work, and received the extension of pensioner's content for another two years.

In 1878 he returned to St. Petersburg, presented at the exhibition in the halls of IAH sculpture "Phryne before the court of the people and the Senate," for which he earned the rank of professor. The work caused a stormy debate in art criticism. Thus, Stasov spoke about her: "I confess, I do not like it" Phryne, "on behalf of the Greek girl, and comes just a model of one franc, with no delicate chest and abdomen, with Mannerist hairs on the back of his head ... And for that cost to ride for miles and miles away, under the blue skies, and watch the sun, and consider yourself fortunate mortals, and six years, be thrilled by the Vatican and pasta? Some say: beautiful! Oh how beautiful! Well, no, I say - beautiful, but not very ... I think the Italian game is not worth the candle Russian. Otherwise, reacted to the sculpture Popova correspondent for the St. Petersburg Gazette "A. Ledakov:" Performance artist its mission beyond praise. The overall pattern shape and pattern parts remained perfectly strict. Modeling soft, soft. Amblypygi extremely expressive face, a figure of awe and felt shamefaced embarrassment. Wonderful statue Popova ... can be attributed to the category of remarkable works in Europe and called the pearl of perfect Russian Sculpture ... "A. Matushinsky in the newspaper The Voice said:" "Phryne" Popova - work ... wonderful, deserves great credit for technical Skill marble work, and for deliberation composition. But I certainly do not admire nor a beauty-hetero ... nor any of its forms, which do not recognize perfect. Another art critic, N. Alexandrov from the illustrations of the World ", so appreciative of this, the wizard:" "Phryne before the court" in its attitude, style and the addition of his ... more shy to flirt Neva Lovelace, but certainly not ancient Greek woman in front of elders, judges ».

In 1882 Popov again traveled to Italy, in Carrara, where he completed the marble statue of Alexander II for the building of the Moscow court regulations. In 1900 he was a model of a monument to Catherine II in Odesa.

Popov - the largest Russian sculptor academic trend of Historicism. For his work is characterized by a certain eclecticism of artistic language. In his master work was guided by the classic tradition, the legacy of Greek and Roman antiquity, however, his works reflected the realistic features. This is evidenced by the range of topics, which along with the works on mythological themes and stylized ancient Roman sculpture, reliefs, busts and statues ( "Penelope in sadness ... bring suitors bow and arrows," 1866; "Nubian Negro," 1878; "Cleopatra" , 1891), there are genre scenes on the theme of the Italian and Russian life ( "Neapolitan fisherman, who plays the mandolin," Malorossiyskie girls, 1873-1874, "Crying Boy", 1879, "Italian beggars", 1881).

Popova works are in many museum collections, including the State Russian Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, the Scientific Research Museum of Russia Academy of Arts and others.


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