Ermolaeva Vera Mikhailovna

Ermolaeva Vera

1893 (Petrovsk, Saratov province) - 1938 (under the Karaganda)

painter, graphic artist, set designer.

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Ермолаева, Вера Михайловна

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Ermolaeva Vera

1893 (Petrovsk, Saratov province) - 1938 (under the Karaganda)

painter, graphic artist, set designer.

around 1912 she graduated from high school in St. Petersburg. Art education has received in mid 1910-s in the School of painting, sculpture and drawing MV Bernstein and L. Sherwood. In those same years, has moved closer to a group of young artists, united in the Union of Youth "- Kazimir Malevich, MV Matyushin, P. Filonov and others. Carried away by folk art and Russian iconography.

In 1917 she graduated from the Petrograd Institute of Archeology. In 1918-1919 worked at the Petrograd Museum of the history of the city. In 1918 became member of the Visual Arts Department Narcompros. In the same year, organized a gang of artists "Today", which has released several books with engravings (illustrations and text engraved on the linoleum engravings colored by hand, runs were small). Among the members of the Artel artists have been Nathan Altman and YP Annenkov.

in 1919 published an article on the picturesque signs in the magazine "Art of the Commune. Beginning work on the illustrations of children's books, at the same time have developed creative relationships with VV Lebedev.

In 1919 she moved to Vitebsk, where she became the rector of the Vitebsk art and practice of the Institute (until 1921 - Vitebsk Folk Art School). In her invitation to the Institute began to teach Kazimir Malevich. In 1920 joined the group of Malevich's "affirmative new art" (UNOVIS), whose aim was to develop principles of Suprematism. In 1920 worked on the studio kubofuturisticheskoy staging the opera "Victory over the Sun" (Music MV Matyushina, prologue VV Khlebnikov, libretto by A. E. Kruchenykh). As a member of UNOVIS participated in exhibitions in Moscow. In 1922 he exhibited his works at the First Russian Art Exhibition in the Van Diemen Gallery in Berlin.

In 1922, after Malevich moved to Petrograd. Since 1923 he directed the Laboratory of color in GINHUKe. Since 1925 worked in the Children's department of Leningrad State Publishing House, along with V. Lebedev. The designer children's books: NN Aseeva, DI Harms, AI Vvedensky, NA Zabolockij and others. Created to illustrate the fables of IA Krylov, Cervantes' novel "Don Quixote", the poem of Lucretius "On the nature of things».

In 1934 after the death of Sergei Kirov was arrested on a false denunciation and condemned. Tragically killed in a camp near Karaganda.

Ermolaeva began to play an active role in the Russian Avant-garde in the years of his teaching at the Vitebsk art and practical institute. At the heart of the picturesque style based on the principles of Cubism and Cubo-Futurism. In some studies the influence of Georges Braque's guess. Arts Ermolayeva inherent freedom and expression, so deceived her in folk art.

In the first half of 1920 created a non-figurative compositions. After the defeat GINHUKa in 1926, wanting to return to the system of figurative art, has moved away from Suprematism. Painted landscapes. Substantive work of the artist maintained a clear plastic forms and pictorial effect color, distinguishing it early avant-garde experiments.

Ermolayeva works are in many museum collections, including the State Russian Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin.

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