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Chistiakov Pavel Petrovich

Chistyakov Pavel Petrovich

June 23, 1832 (s Ponds Tver province) - December 11, 1919 (Children's Village Petrograd Province)

painter, graphic artist, educator

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Чистяков, Павел Петрович


Chistyakov Pavel Petrovich

June 23, 1832 (s Ponds Tver province) - December 11, 1919 (Children's Village Petrograd Province)

painter, graphic artist, educator

born in the family of a serf. Graduated Bezhetsky district school, where he received first artistic skills at IA Pylaeva. Some time worked as an assistant surveyor. In 1849-1861 he studied at the IAH in the class of historical painting in PV Basin. During the period of study received all existing academic awards: in 1854 and 1857 - small silver medal for drawing and sketch, in 1855 and 1858 - large silver medal for drawing and sketch. In 1860 he was awarded a small gold medal for the painting "The Patriarch Hermogenes in prison, the Poles refused to sign the instrument of dissolution of the national militia, to defend Moscow, in 1861 - a large gold medal for his program" The Grand Duchess Sophia Vitovtovna at the wedding of Vasili the Dark in 1443 tears are a precious stone, which once belonged to Dmitry Donskoy, and which Yurievich captured correctly. He graduated from the course with the title of class artist 1-th degree and the right of a pensioner's trip abroad for six years.

Along with studying for a living writing custom portraits. In 1860-1862 he taught at the Drawing School Society for the Promotion of Artists. In 1863-1870 - pensioner IAH in Italy and France. In Rome, attended the drawing and Suit classes. Traveled to Germany and Austria.

Upon his return to Russia in 1870 submitted to the Council for IAH painting "The poor children", "Head Two Women (Giovannini)", "Roman beggar," "The Italian-mason" was awarded the title of academician of historical and portrait painting. Exhibited his works at exhibitions in the halls of IAH (1870-1883, with interruptions), the Society of exhibitions of works of art (1877), the Moscow Society of Art Lovers (1891-1892), World Exhibition in London (1862, 1872) and Paris (1878), All-Russia Art and Industry exhibition in Moscow (1882).

In 1872-1910 he taught at IAH, Associate Professor. In 1892 "in recognition of artistic endeavors" was awarded the title of professor. In the Commission on elaboration of the new statute IAH (1890-1893). In 1893 elected a member of the IAH. In 1890-1912 served as head of the mosaic in the IAH office, observed the works of finishing the church of St. Isaac's Cathedral and Resurrection (Savior on Spilled Blood) in St. Petersburg, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, the Orthodox Cathedral in Warsaw. In 1905-1915 (with interruptions) - a member of the IAH. In 1908-1910 headed the workshop historical painting of the High School of Art of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture at IAH. Work out their own educational system, a proposed merger of direct perception of nature artist and scientific study. Among his pupils were VASerov, VISurikov, VD Polenov, I. Ostroukhov, VM and A. Vasnetsov, MAVrubel, I. Grabar, AP Ryabushkin, Ilya Repin , V. Borisov-Musatov and others. Councils Chistyakova enjoyed artists Mario Forutni and Henri Regnault.

addition to working in IAH conducted numerous clubs and groups, giving advice on composition, technique and technology of painting. Since 1896 was a member of the Commission on the selection and acquisition of new revenue for the Russian Museum of Emperor Alexander III, a consultant ST Soldatenkova and Pavel Tretyakov for the acquisition of works of art. Left considerable epistolary heritage, the author of memoirs and notes about the art.

In 1955 Moscow hosted the personal exhibition of the artist.

Chistyakov - one of the greatest artists of the second half of the XIX century, an outstanding teacher, had a significant influence on the development of the realistic. In his own work performed as a representative of academic art, strove for the dramatization of the historical story and the psychological saturation figurative building in the historical genre and portraits. He proved himself as a virtuoso draftsman.

Chistyakova works are in many museum collections, including the State Russian Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, the Scientific Research Museum of Russia Academy of Arts and others. In Pushkin dacha Chistyakova opened Museum of the artist.

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