Poret Alisa Ivanovna
Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Alla 1902–1984  

whips Alice I.

April 15, 1902 (St. Petersburg) - 1984 (Moscow)

painter, graphic artist, artist book.

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Порет, Алиса Ивановна


whips Alice I.

April 15, 1902 (St. Petersburg) - 1984 (Moscow)

painter, graphic artist, artist book.

In 1917-1919 worked at the Drawing School of the Art Encouragement Society. In 1920 was admitted to the HPT in Petrograd in 1921 without exams moved up in the State free artistic training workshops to Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin. Under his leadership, in 1925 wrote a thesis "Four of the table».

In the same year joined the association P. Filonov "Workshop Analytical Art" (MAI), built in, including the principles of collective creativity. (Filonov often the rules of their students, and in general the principle of collective extremely difficult today, attributing works to the band members).

After the split "MAI" whips followed Filonov in the composition of his team illustrated book "Kalevala. Finnish folk epic ", published by Academia in 1933. Her drawings of this epic is now stored in the Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia. Created a series of watercolors "Seven Deadly Sins».

whips in 1926 launched the "Circle of Artists", organized by alumni VHUTEINa and consisting of more than 40 painters, graphic artists and sculptors.

She married an artist PP Snopkova. In 1920-1930-x in his Leningrad apartment on the Fontanka held a kind of literary and artistic salon, where visitors were many representatives of the artistic and literary circles: I. Braude organist, pianist M. Yudin, poets oberiuty D. ; Kharms and Alexander Vvedensky, Oleynikov, Shostakovich, Osmerkin and others.

whips painted portraits of his visitors, especially musicians. Her brushes are owned portrait of the young Shostakovich and eight portraits of the singer Z. Dolukhanova. Posthumous portrait Yudina, performed against the backdrop of authority in 1970, was a kind of requiem.

great influence on creativity whips had music Bach. He devoted many of her fantasy paintings: "Forever Gold Bach", "Hello God, hello, Bach", etc.

whips was a member of the Artists' Union and, together with the "MAI" persecuted. Several times it expelled from the Union for alleged 'formalism ».

famed whips and their graphic works. Collaborated with the magazines "hedgehog" and "Siskin". In 1936 the illustrated book "Batrachomyomachia. War of mice and frogs, in 1937 - "Cat Murr" Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann (publication is not implemented). In later years, she has issued a fairy tale "" Winnie the Pooh and all the rest "in the retelling of Boris Zakhoder" AA Milne (1960) and a children's book publishers Harms for "The Kid" (shortly before his death).

During the Great Patriotic War whips evacuated to the Urals. After the war some time worked at the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory (LPF), and later settled in Moscow.

In the capital, she also took the young artists. His stories about the creative life of the 1930 she collected in albums with handwritten texts and drawings, the artist left his biography.

in 1980 in the anthology "Panorama of Arts - 3" (M. "Soviet Artist") were published memoirs of whips Harms.

in 1992 to 90-th anniversary of whips in Petrozavodsk in the Museum of Fine Arts hosted an exhibition of works of the artist, and the centenary was released a series of four postcards edition of 500 copies. The two of them are reproduced watercolors whips - The Story of a sailor "(1926) and" Family Glebov "(1926), on the other two - her photos.

Works whips are in State Russian Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, RK (Petrozavodsk), in other museums in Russia, as well as in private collections, particularly in meeting her friend and heir K. C. Elagina.


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