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Feshin Nikolay Ivanovich

Feshin Nikolai

November 26 (8 December) 1881 (Kazan) - October 5, 1955 (Santa Monica, now consisting of Los Angeles)

painter and graphic artist.

  • Feshin Nicholas Ivanovich

born in the family carver iconography, his father soon drew her son to work and instilled a taste for painting. At age 14 the boy entered the Kazan Art School, where he taught until 1900. In 1901, on the recommendation of the school Feshin was adopted in the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, in Repin's studio, from which he graduated in 1909.

Since 1909 Feshin lived in Kazan, and taught there in the local art school. Painting "Portrait of an Unknown" (1908) in 1909 was awarded a gold medal at an international exhibition in Munich, and the competitive program work "cabbage" brought Feshin title of the artist and the right to a pensioner's trip abroad.

His paintings 1900's impressionistic, dynamic sculpting of the picturesque, colorful and realistic. For example, work on the life of peoples of the Volga region: "Cheremis Wedding" (1908), "Pouring" (1911, Museum of Fine Arts of Tatarstan in Kazan).

Feshin By autumn 1910 he returned to teaching. Since that time the artist is constantly participated in international exhibitions in Europe and the USA (Pittsburgh).

In 1916 he became a member of TPHV and received the title of Academician of Painting.

From Repin and the Wanderers in general, he took a broad free-style stroke, but found and original gift colorist. Separate swab in his canvases become larger, connected with the rhythm of the modern age, and sometimes with elements protoekspressionizma.

In the 1910 - 1920 were written by the most significant works of the artist: "Portrait of Wari Adoratsky" (1914) - one of the best children's images in the art of the late XIX - XX centuries; " Portrait NM Sapozhnikova "(1916)," Portrait of Father "(1918) combined the acute expression of picturesqueness.

an offer to teach in New York in 1923 Feshin went to the United States. He lived in New York, and since 1927 - in Taos (New Mexico), where the same project built his home studio with "neofolklornoy" carving own performance. In the late 1930's traveled to Mexico and Japan. In the later period of migration to the area of Los Angeles.

Feshin fruitfully worked in various genres. He performed a large series of vivid ethnographic sketches, often translating them into a lithograph. Successfully engaged secular portraits - elegant but not too realistic. Rather, they represented a colorful sets salon compliments than fit in great art.

an entirely different manner - a serious and dramatic - are written in the 1923-1924 portrait painter DD Burliuk and his wife (now stored in the United States, Long Island, Hampton Beis, the assembly of the heirs of the family Burliuks). Moreover, in a peculiar manner reminiscent of schedule H. Holbein, the artist has created an extensive series of drawings of the local ethnic group.

In 1981, the centenary of his birth Feshin, at his home in Taos admiring the "astonishing sense of power, so typical of this Russian, the Americans founded the Institute for its name - with a museum and educational center.

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