Budkevich Iosif-Kazimir Konstantinovich
Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Butkevich, Iosip Kostyantinovich 1841–1895

BUDKEVICH (Butkevich) Joseph-Казимир K. (Josip Kostantinovich)

6 (18) April 1841 (Kiev) — 21 ноября (3 декабря) 1895 (Kiev)

Painter, draftsman

he Studied at the Imperial Academy of arts (1866-1873) first as a volunteer, from 1871 — permanent student. He was awarded small silver (1871, 1872, 1873) and large silver (1872, 1873) medals. In 1873 he received the title of class artist of 3-й degree.

he Lived in Kiev. In 1880-е visited Italy, France, Spain, Palestine. He painted landscapes, genre composition content. Author of painting works: "Street in Damascus" (1881), "Old courtyard in Beirut" (1882)@graphic semicolon "Young Italian woman", a series of drawings dedicated to the Russo-турецкой war of 1877-1878 годов (1880). Executed copies of paintings by Rembrandt and Д. Веласкеса.

he Taught at the Kyiv drawing school (1878-1879); among students — Н. К. Пимоненко.

Work is represented in several Museum collections, among them — national art Museum of Ukraine in Kiev, Transcarpathian regional art Museum named after. И. Бокшая in Uzhgorod, Pskov state United historical-архитектурный and art Museum-заповедник (art gallery) and others.


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