Bernstam Fedor Gustavovich
Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Bernshtam, Berenshtam, Berenstam 1862–1937

BERNSTAM (Burenstam) Theodore G.

25 апреля (7 мая) 1862 (Tiflis) — 9 августа 1937 (Leningrad)

Schedule, architect, social worker and Museum

From the family of bookseller — native of Mitau, honorary citizen of Tbilisi. Studied in 1-й classical gymnasium (1871-1875) and the Realschule in Tiflis (there from 1875 to 1881), then — at the architecture Department of the Imperial Academy of arts in St. Petersburg (1882-1889). In 1888 at the theatre project was awarded a small silver medal. In 1889 he received the title of class artist of 3-й degree. At the same time attended Drawing classes at the society for the encouragement of arts.

Lived in St. Petersburg (Petrograd, Leningrad). From 1887 he worked in the archaeological Commission at the Hermitage, studied ancient Greek ceramics. Has participated in archeological expeditions, worked on the sketch ornaments, monuments. Travelled to Armenia (1887, 1894), Athos (1897, at the invitation Н. П. Кондакова). Completed the architectural part of tombstones М. А. Балакиреву (1914, the necropolis of artists Alexander Nevsky-Невской Lavra), А. Ф. Кони (1928, Mostki of the Volkov cemetery). Member of the Board of the Imperial society of architects.

From 1892 — assistant librarian, 1894-1917 — librarian (head of library) the Imperial Academy of arts. One of the founders of the Society of library science (1908), was elected a member of the Board and Chairman of the Society.

was Engaged in book, magazine graphics, ex libris, posters. Drew for magazines "Architect", "Russian antiquity", "Theatre and music", "Sincere word". Member of the Committee of the publishing house "the community of St. Eugenia" (1902), has created more than 20 открыток: "the Judgment of Paris" (1899), "the young Lady-крестьянка" (1899), Old Petersburg (1902), the series "St. Petersburg driver for 200 лет" (1911). Participated in several art competitions: 100-летнему the anniversary of the birth А. С. Пушкина (1899, 1-я award for a postcard on the plot of the novel "the young Lady-крестьянка"), 200-летию since the founding of the St-Петербурга (1902, 3-я award for a postcard of "Old Petersburg").

member of the Society for the encouragement of artists (from the late 1880-х (?)), member of-учредитель society of artists. А. И. Куинджи (1909). Engaged in exhibition activities: the organization of the Russian Department at the International exhibition in Munich (1908, together with А. Н. Бенуа). Assistant to the Commissioner-General of the International art exhibition in Rome (1911); participated in the preparation of the International art exhibition in Venice (1914) and others.

the Publisher and the editor (chronicle picture postcards) "an open letter" (1904-1906), the editor and editorial Board member of architectural Department of the magazine "the Architect" (1900-е — 1910-е). As the author collaborated in the magazines "Old years", "Russian bibliophile".

member of the Imperial Academy of arts (1908). Official for special assignments under the President of the Imperial Academy of arts Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna (1912-1917). Participated in the Commission of the Imperial Academy of arts for awarding prizes to them. А. И. Куинджи (1910-е), member of the Supervisory Committee of the pedagogical courses for training teachers of drawing (1916). In 1917 he retired.

member of the Art-исторической a fee of Tsarskoye Selo (1917-1918), from may 1918 — Chairman Art-исторической a fee in Peterhof, curator of the Peterhof palaces and parks (1918-1924). In 1924-1930 работал in the Department of fine arts and technologies of the State Public library, the organizer of library courses in the library. In 1930 he retired.

Participated in the creation of professional puppet theatre, Theatre for young audiences in Leningrad. In 1930-х — head of the puppet Department of the technical school of the Theatre of the young spectator; lectured on the history of puppet theaters of the world.

the Chairman of the Art section of the Leningrad society of architects (1924). Member of the society "Old Petersburg" ("Old Petersburg — new Leningrad", with 1921), the Pushkin society (since 1931; participated in the organization of the memorial Museum- apartment А. С. Пушкина on the Moika, 12), the Leningrad society exlibrises (1922-1930). Member of competition Commission of projects of the Palace of Labour in Moscow (1927), the House of Soviets in Ivanovo-Вознесенске (1927), workers houses in Sverdlovsk (1928).

Participated in the following exhibitions: "Russian book mark" in Kazan (1923), a book of signs of the Leningrad society of exlibrises in Leningrad (1926).

Work is represented in several Museum collections, among them — smfa. А. С. Пушкина.

1. Exhibition of Soviet art. Guide. M., 1965, vol. 1. P. 122, 184.
2. Kondakov С. Н. List of Russian artists. For the anniversary directory of the Imperial Academy of arts. St. Petersburg, 1914. S. 293.

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