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Olsufieva Sofiya Vladimirovna
Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Glebova 1884–1943

OLSUFIEV (nee Glebova) 'ya Vladimirovna

3 июня 1884 — 15 февраля 1943 (Sviyazhsk Tatar ASSR)

Painter, graphic artist, restorer

From a noble family; granddaughter of Prince Н. П. Трубецкого the wife (1902) of the graph Ю. А. Олсуфьева. Formal artistic education is not received; independently was engaged in painting and graphics. Participated in exhibitions of the New society of artists.

I Lived in St. Petersburg (1900 — start 1910-х), Tiflis (1914-1916), a manor of the counts of Olsufiev Buizy Tula province (1916-1917), Sergiev Posad (1917-1928). He founded an orphanage in Beitzah and sewing workshops. From late 1910-х engaged in the restoration of Church frescoes, executed the project of the iconostasis.

In the late 1920-х — the first half of 1930-х from-за threats of arrest of her husband often changed residence, moving from place to place. Since 1934 lived in Moscow, where he received the artist's work-реставратора in the Museum of fine arts. Accompanied by her husband, an employee of the Department of old Russian painting the Tretyakov gallery, in mission old Russian towns.

In 1941 he was arrested and sentenced to 10 годам correctional-трудовых camps. He died in prison camp in Sviyazhsk.

the Portrait С. В. Олсуфьевой completed В. А. Серов (1911, Pushkin Museum im. А. С. Пушкина).

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