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Show Yevgeny Lysenko at the Constantine Palace
ARTinvestment.RU   28 апреля 2012

Yesterday, an exhibition, which will probably be the first step towards the return of yet another forgotten Russian avant-garde artist - Eugene A. Lysenko

«Palace of Congresses" (Constantine Palace) April 27 - May 27, 2012
St. Petersburg, the village. Strelna, Birch Alley, 3

Yesterday State Complex "Congress Palace" (Constantine Palace in Strelna) opened an exhibition of works Yevgeny Lysenko, "Russian Avant-Garde." The exhibition in the framework of the "Forgotten Names", whose purpose - to draw public attention to the works to this day unknown or lesser-known artists, presents the work of Eugene A. Lysenko. Paintings and drawings of the representative of the Russian avant-garde available in public collections of the Russian Federation, but they were miraculously preserved in private collections in St. Petersburg.

Yevgeny Lysenko most of his life in Uzbekistan. Unknown details of his biography, lost most of his works. About three hundred of his paintings, painted on canvas, wood, cloth, were discovered many years after his death in one of the provincial towns: they are stored in the attic, and one of the paintings on the roof closed the loophole.

«No one has seen most of his works, and when in a small town near Moscow, these canvases have been discovered, it was a great event, - says Svetlana Lysenko Yanchenko, head of the exhibition complex" The Palace of Congresses. " - They were in terrible condition. We invited conservators, art historians and managed to recover them. The exhibition will present not all of these works, and works about 50-60 ».

Fate Artist raises many questions. It is possible that he studied Kazimir Malevich , Michael Matyushina and . Modern researchers believe surviving canvases Lysenko equal to the best creations and Malevich. Affect the expression of the wizard, and a wealth of colors and express the very essence of the Russian avant-garde.

The exhibition is open at the Center for Contemporary Art (Press the center "of the Palace of Congresses»).

Sources : museum.ru , iskusstvo-tv.ru

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